Looking for information about the pavement smoothness specifications in the United States? You've come the right place! With just a few clicks, you should find what you're looking for... if not, please let us know.


Specification HMA PCC
Testing Device Inertial Profiler Inertial Profiler
Smoothness Index IRI IRI
Blanking Band N/A N/A
Incentive/Disincentive Incentive/Must Correct Incentive/Must Correct
Localized Roughness Provision Yes Yes
Files MO_ALL_1_1.pdf

Please Note: The pavement smoothness specifications listed above represent the most "advanced" specifications available in each state. These specifications may or may not be applied to every project as some specifications are currently in the pilot phase of implementation. Please contact a state highway agency representative to determine the status of a particular specification. If you are a state highway agency representative and wish to provide updated information for this website, please contact us.

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